Air Purifier / Car / AP-C02

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This model car charger air purifier especially takes care of car room. 5.6 million pcs/cm³negative ions releasing to purify the air in the car, 99% effectively remove pollution of particles, will make sure you a pleasant travel. It’s also a charge for your phone and other devices to make your car journey convenient. And the beautiful design and blue working lights are quite enjoyable!

This model air purifier strongly purify air pollution. It effectively filters PM2.5 particles, hair, pollen, dust and other particulate matters. Activated carbon layer remove odors and chemical harmful matters. And followed by 12 million pcs/cm³negative ion releasing to create a forest environment in your car. Let your car interior, fresh air all the way.

Charm atmosphere blue lights, mini ambiance blue ray, not glare, comfortable and more romantic. It’s not only an air purifier. Also add flavor tablets to make the car with good fragrance.

Product Detail

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● Effectively remove air pollution such like PM2.5 / dust / pollen / smoke / formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs / bad odors .

● One piece round fit composite filter design, fully purify and increase the air contact to enhance the purification effect.

● Strong motor

● Quiet operation

● Aroma by fragrance tablets

● Stylish round design, streamline shape

● Charm atmosphere blue lights, mini ambiance blue ray


Purification stages HEPA filter + active carbon + negative ions releasing

Coverage area


Negative ion concentration

12 million pcs/cm³

Particle remove

99.9% (PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke)

Formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs remove


Bad odors remove




Power rate



Eco-friendly plastic


USB line, anti-slippery pad, fragrance tablet, manual 

Dimension DxH (mm)


Weight 300g
Color black

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