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This stylish air purifier strongly purify air pollution with multi-stages purification. It effectively filters PM2.5 particles, hair, pollen, dust and other particulate matters. Activated carbon layer remove odors and chemical harmful matters. And followed by 15 million pcs/cm³negative ion releasing to create a forest environment in your car. Whole car purification gives you a safe and healthy driving environment, let you enjoy a healthy journey.

Charming soft lights, and the aroma fragrance. It’s more than a air purifier.

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● Effectively remove air pollution such like PM2.5 / dust / pollen / smoke / formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs / bad odors .

● Aroma by fragrance tablets

● Intelligent air detection. When the purifier is turned on, the air quality detection begins to work, and the ambient lights (red, blue , and green) flash alternately.

● Color lights reminder of the air quality, green light = good, blue light=moderate pollution, red light =severe pollution

● Intelligent 3 wind speeds, auto adjustment according to the air condition, or manual switch for speed choice.

● Strong purification, powerful motor make the purification effect doubled, sucks in large volume air from the bottom, and several stages purification removes all harmful matters

● Quiet operation


Purification stages Primary cotton filter + HEPA filter + active carbon + negative ions releasing Coverage area: 3m³
Negative ion concentration 15 million pcs/cm³
Particle remove 99.9% (PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke)
Formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs remove 99%
Bad odors remove 99%
Aroma fragrance tablet
Voltage 5V
Power rate 1.5W
Material  Aluminum alloy
Accessories Type C cable, manual
Dimension DxH (mm) 70x169
Weight  350g
Color  black

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