Air Purifier / Potable / AP-P01

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This stylish air purifier strongly purify air pollution with multi-stages purification, effectively filters PM2.5 particles, hair, pollen, dust and other particulate matters. Activated carbon layer remove odors and chemical harmful matters. And followed by high concentration 80 million pcs/cm³negative ion releasing to create a forest environment in your car. Whole car purification gives you a safe and healthy driving environment, let you enjoy a healthy journey.

Night soft lights. The stylish design make it a good decoration too.

It’s a with build in battery, potable for anywhere you want to place it.

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● Effectively remove air pollution such like PM2.5 / dust / pollen / smoke / formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs / bad odors .

● Intelligent air detection.  

● Intelligent 3 wind speeds, auto adjustment according to the air condition, or manual switch for speed choice. 

● Night soft light function.

● Purifier powered by lithium battery only.

● USB line power supply.

● Negative ions releasing auto start with machine.

● Negative ions releasing on/off can be manual controlled

● Quiet operation


Purification stages

Primary cotton filter + H12 HEPA filter + active carbon + negative ions releasing

Coverage area

10m³- 20m³

Negative ion concentration

80 million pcs/cm³

Particle remove

99.9% (PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke)

Formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs remove


Bad odors remove


Lithium battery Voltage


Power rate

1.7W -- 5W

Lithium Battery

10000 mAh

Battery full charged

7 hrs

Battery working hours, 1 speed


Battery working hours, 2 speed


Battery working hours, 3 speed




Dimension DxH (mm)


Weight 1250g
Color white, light-grey

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