Air Purifier / Potable / AP-P03

Short Description:

This model air purifier is with active carbon purifying, it removes harmful chemical matters and gases such like formaldehyde, benzene and VOCs, quite suites for new car. It also removes bad odors, if you have pet, it helps to remove its unpleasant odor too. The purifier is equipped with negative ions generator that generate super high density negative ions of 15 million pcs/cm³ that works you a purified clean room, removes particles pollution, PM2.5, dust, pollen and smoke. Purify the room, create a clean and healthy space like stay in a forest, strengthen immune ability, less threaten from potential harm. It works for 3m³- 9m³, quite suit for car and small room.

It’s designed with aromatherapy function, you make the fragrance you like. If place it in a car, you can enjoy a pleasant journey, ease tension, relax nerves, long journey won’t appears boring and too long. Together with the purifying function, the air purifier create you a healthy cozy room.

It’s with a phone holder, you can place it in car for GPS navigation, or at relax time enjoy a movie somewhere. It’s with 1000mAH capacity battery, it’s portable that you can take it to anywhere you like, enjoy a leisure time. Don’t forgot to place it somewhere that can receive sunshine as it’s solar chargeable, so you won’t worry the power problem.

It’s a wonderful air purifier for car, bring you a easy cozy driving journey.

Product Detail

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● Effectively remove air pollution such like PM2.5 / dust / pollen / smoke / formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs / bad odors.

● Negative oxygen ions releasing

● Aromatherapy function 

● Mobile phone holder

● Twin turbine fan

● Quiet operation


Purification stages

active carbon + negative ions releasing

Coverage area

3m³- 9m³

Negative ion concentration

15 million pcs/cm³

Particle remove

99.9% (PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke)

Formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs remove


Bad odors remove



fragrance tablet



Power rate


Battery capacity


Solar charging capacity



Eco-friendly plastic


Type C cable, manual 

Dimension LxWxH (mm)


Weight 300g
Color black

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