Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S05

Short Description:

This stylish air purifier build in UV lamp beads, 99.9% effectively kill bacterial and germs. Science has shown that ultraviolet wavelengths can easily destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in bacterial viruses, causing growth cell death and regenerative cell death, to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

It’s also equipped with high energy negative ion generator, every time you breathe, you’ll feel as if in the forest.

Compact design does not take up space, it runs silently after one -key operation, efficiently kill bacteria and dust particles in the air. Whole car purification gives you a safe and healthy driving environment, let you enjoy a healthy journey. 

Product Detail

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●  Effectively remove air pollution such like PM2.5 / dust / pollen / smoke / bacterial / germs.

● UVC sterilization auto start work with fan.

● UVC lamp hide inside, no harm to people.

● Negative ions releasing

● Stylish design

● Quiet operation

● Wireless bottom holder charging option


Purification stages

UVC sterilization + filters + negative ions releasing

Coverage area


Negative ion concentration

5 million pcs/cm³

Particle remove

99.9% (PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke)

Bacteria & Germ remove




Power rate



aerospace grade aluminum alloy + ABS


Type C cable, manual 

Dimension DxH (mm)


Weight 260g
Color black, red, grey, blue

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