Air Purifier / Wearable / AP-W01

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This necklace air purifier releases 1 million negative oxygen ions, cleans the air around you, effectively creates healthy environment for you, removes air pollution such like dust, PM2.5, pollen, smoke etc. brings the same molecules found in natural retreats (beach, waterfall, or mountain) by your side. You will feel like you are in the forest. Everywhere you go, it purifies the 1m³around you, creates a walking protecting circle to guard you. So no worry the pollution problem, the necklace air purifier will always wrap you, you will always be in safe area that it creates for you.

This negative ion air necklace also works for healing depression, insomnia, mood, and improves sleeping quality, and 5 decibels super quiet operation enable your good sleep quality while taking care of your dreams not to be disturbed.

Its large battery can last for 10-12 hrs, enough for your whole day’s need, and quick charging, be ready for your next day’s need.

Wear it on your neck, it’s convenient to be taken to anywhere, good quality hanging string, light weight, no any pressure for wearing it on neck. And its nice design also make it a beautiful decoration. It’s also available to be fix onto car vent or put onto the table.

A nice choice for brand promotion. Logo can be printed or by laser.

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● Effectively remove air pollution such like PM2.5 / dust / pollen / smoke.

● Effective negative ion releasing for air purification. 

● Clean air anywhere: can be worn on neck indoors or outdoor, perched on desk by your side or fix in your car

● Quick charge and long lasting battery

● White color clip holder accessory for fixing on car vent or standing on table.

● Hassle-free maintenance, no filter replacement.

● Safety breakaway lanyard necklace

● Ultra-quiet operation

● Standard gift package


Coverage area

Outdoor 1m³ / indoor 3m³

Negative ion concentration

5 million pcs / cm³

Particle remove




Rated power ≤0.5w
Charging time 1-2hrs
Battery lasting time 10-12hrs


Eco-friendly plastic


White holder


LxWxH (mm) 50.5x21.2x79.5

Weight 30g
Color White / black / pink 

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