CCCW03 12V Car Cup Cooler Warmer

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The car cup cooler warmer is quite helpful when travelling in car. You can have your beverage from  0℃ to 60℃ temperature. You can have chilled beer in hot summer and hot coffee in winter. And quite simple operation, just plug the cord into the cigarette lighter, and set the temperature you want. 

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●TEMPERATURE RANGE, 0℃ to 60℃,The quick mini cooler cooling cup is easy to operate. You can select the temperature by touching the digital screen, and you can decide the liquid temperature between -3℃ and 58℃.

●DUAL MODES, 2 modes, cooling and heating for all seasons. Simply connect the adapter, turn on the power switch, select the mode you want, and in 10 minutes you can have your beverage at the temperature you want. Enjoy the chill drink in the summer and warm coffee in the winter.

●LONG TIME TEMPERATURE STANDING, The car cup cooler warmer can keep the cooling temperature for a long time, one-button start, and continuous cooling mode.

●QUIET DESIGN, Approximately 40dB quiet design. Portable mini refrigerator, takes only small space when placed on the table. Low voltage operation, safe use can be guaranteed.

●WIDE COMPATIBILITY, For irregular bottle bottoms, such as mineral water bottles, we recommend placing 2 cm of water in the cup as a conductive medium when you use. Suitable for heating various materials like aluminum, iron, plastic, glass, etc. Among the conductive media, aluminum is more conductive, followed by steel, iron, glass, and plastic.

●EASY OPERATION AND PLAY - Just connect plug directly to cigarette lighter by adapter cable when using

●SAFE PPOTECTION SYSTEM, it will be automatic shutdown to protect the car battery when Voltage < 10.5 V

●WARRANTY, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free replacement with defects. All opinions are welcome for further improvements

●VOLTAGE, Use the standard DC 12V3A car system, prohibit the use of DC24V car system, and provide a dedicated DC 12V car charger for car.

●SIZE, the cup holder liner is designed with the size of standard canned beverages, which can perfectly accommodate standard-size cans of cola, sprite, beer, coffee and other beverages.

●STABLE, the refrigerating cup adopts a telescopic fixing bracket, which helps the refrigerating cup to be firmly fixed in the car cup holder, keeping it stable and not shaking, and suitable for all car cup holders.



Material  ABS plastic / Aluminum
Rated power 36W
Temperature range 0℃ to 60℃
Voltage 12V 
Dimension LxWxH (mm): 134x94x200
Weight 570g

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