• GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C01

    GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C01

    This model tracker phone especially for young children, positioning and phone call communication. One can precisely location the position indoor 20m range and outdoor 200m range, and can set safe range by setting electric fences to make sure the child is always in the safe area. It can track back trace history for 1 month.

    It’s disabled in class. It block strangers’ calling, communication of messages, video call and phone call only limited to APP linked members and number recorded list, block bother and danger.

    Beautiful nice design for children, a good choice smart watch for children.

  • GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C02

    GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C02

    This 4G model smart tracker are for young children, children’s color, design and function. With multi tracking tech one can locate the children position precisely indoor 20m and outdoor 200m. Once the child is out of the set electric fence the watch will alarm, fully protect children’s safety.

    For communication, voice messages, video call and phone call are limited to APP linked members and 10 numbers recorded list, block bother and danger.

    It works for the whole world area.

  • GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C03

    GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C03

    This model smart tracker designed for child with bright contrast colors. It functions as precisely position the location, and phone call communication.

    Based on multi position tech GPS+WIFI+LBS+AGPS, the watch wearer can be located within 20m in door and outdoor 200m area. It can be set several electric fences, once the wearer gets out of the fences, it will alert, that you can timely contact for safety.

    HD voice, video call and voice messages, all communication ways and simple operation. All communication limited to the phone book 100 list, avoid strangers’ contact.

    It’s waterproof IP67 level, no worry the child wearer play with water, it even can be wear when swim. Pedometer, it is convenient for formulating suitable exercises based on health needs and understand the exercise status of the day.

  • GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C04

    GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C04

    The cute color design children GPS tracker is also a smart watch, it helps you to always can track your children, secure their safety. The position tech is based on GPS + AGPS + LBS + WIFI, multi-tech to fix the position with accuracy of 5m, and no basic charge. You can set electric fences for certain areas, once the device get out of the safety area it will remind you at the first time. And if the tracker get off, it will remind you too. You also can monitor the device wearer’s environment without bother call. Once the device wearer got in some trouble, they can press SOS one key for your help. All of the wonderful functions make sure the children is under your taking care, and you’ll be informed at the 1st time if anything get wrong.  

    It’s also a smart watch, it can video call, voice call, voice message in double way communication. And all of the communication are within recorded phone number list. It blocks calling and contact from strangers and prevent some potential danger.

    It’s also a health monitor, for body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. You have have the detailed real-time data from APP.

    The multi-functional tracker full aspect take care of your children, secure their safety and health, benefit their growing.  

  • GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C05

    GPS Tracker / Child / GT-C05

    The model GPS tracker especially designed for children of 3-12 years old, suits for whole world area, main functions are communications, health control, and position. It has blue, pink and black colors for choices.  

    Its position function is based on tech GPS + LBS + WIFI with accuracy of 5m and without basic charge. Adding the electric fences, you will know the children are always within the safe setting area, once they get of the area, the APP will alert that you will know the situation and take action. The tracker is with large battery that can support 5 days standby, and will remind if low battery.  

    It has video and voice call function but only limited to recorded listing numbers that blocks strangers and potential danger. It’s IP67 level waterproof, that no worry the bother from rain or playing water.