CSC04 Car Heated Seat Cushion

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Car seat cushions for you for all seasons with their helpful functions, fan cooling in hot season, heating in cold weather and message when you get tired. They create comfortable driving journey for you. The car seat cushions nicely fits most standard types of seats and it is designed with non-slip bottom material.

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  • HEATING, Graphene far infrared heating, the car seat cushion increase the temperature in short time within 3 seconds, providing cozy warmth for your full back, hips and thighs. The highest temperature is able to be adjusted to 65℃. The controller of the car seat cushion allows you to choose the temperature Hi/Middle/Low and has 50 minutes timer to auto shut off. If you forget to turn off the switch, this function will avoid battery drain! 
  • THERMOSTAT, for you safety, the car seat cushion is equipped with a thermostat that prevent the seat cushion from overheating. When it reaches the heat level you chose, it will automatically stop increasing and constantly keep the temperature you want.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT, this car seat cushion nicely fits most standard types of seats and it is designed with non-slip bottom material. The car seat cushion is also equipped with elastic bands to fasten it to the seat and keep it in place perfectly.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR FAMILY, we make this back massage cushion from quality and durable fabric, soft foam bubbles for comfort and posture correction. Perfect gift for all of your family.


Suit for models all kinds of vehicles’ seats models
Function heating
Material Graphene
Rated power 26W   
Voltage 12V ~ 24V
Dimension LxWxthickness(cm): 110*48
Charging line cigarette lighter charger 

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