• Air Purifier / Desktop / AP-D01

    Air Purifier / Desktop / AP-D01

    The nice designed air purifier is equipped with HEPA filter along with pre-filter, they captures harmful particles and gases such like PM2.5, dust, pollen and smoke, free you from some potential harmful threaten. And followed by high density negative ions 8 million pcs/cm³to double purify the space, kill the harmful dust, pollen and smoke to ground and fresh the air, make you stay like in the forest, ease nerves and tension. Its works for room of 20m³. You can place it in your reading room, living room, bedroom or office.

    It functions as a humidifier too, while clean the air it helps to wet the dry air, moisturize your skin, make you less allergic. It’s quite helpful in dry autumn, winter and easy allergic spring, also helpful in dry AC rooms in summer. For sure it makes you in a comfortable environment day and night for all seasons.

    It’s designed of 7 colors lights alternate show, creates happy atmosphere, you will feel ease and relax, together with its nice design, it’s a wonderful decoration for your home or for your office. And at night it works as a night light with soft white light, assist you some reading, protect your eyes.

    It’s not only a air purifier, it works more than that. And it’s a wonderful item to promotional business to promote the brands. 4 sides it have plenty blank area to present logos. With its practical functions, endurable quality and nice designed, it will win quite much business chances.

  • Air Purifier / Desktop / AP-D02

    Air Purifier / Desktop / AP-D02

    This model air purifier combines HEPA filters purification and active carbon purification to clean your space. The H11 HEPA filter together with pre-filter efficiently capture harmful matters in the air such like PM2.5, dust, smoke and pollen, release you from sneezing, congestion and other allergy symptoms caused by airborne contaminants. Second layer purification active carbon removes harmful chemical threaten such like formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs, and also remove unpleasant odor. If you’re a pet owner, it helps the pet danger and absorbs pet’s smells, enable you enjoy the pet and free from its bad parts. It works for room of 10m³- 20m³.

    As you can see it’s quite unique and pleasant design, it’s a small garden for your favorite plants that can water growing. And you can keep some fishes too. It’s a tiny garden indoor and quite a wonderful decoration for your living space. It’s with blue lights in the daytime and different brightness levels white lights at nights, that enables your space romantic and cozy. The lights could assist your reading at dark nights, good for your eyes. You can place it in kitchen, bedroom, office or other place you want it.

    It’s made of high quality ABS material, you will see it’s graceful and comfortable white color, and super endure, if falling down from 10m height it will be no any hurts. So no worry if unconsciously make it dropping to the ground. It is a wonderful family appliance to make your life healthier and happier.