F-G03 Magnetic Levitating Globe

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Globe floating in midair in a half oval frame by the magnetic force from bottom and top of frame. Its an amazing centerpiece. A wonderful decoration for your desktop.

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  • HIGH TECH, Can steadily levitate and float in midair as it's controlled by electronically operated magnetic system. It can day and day, year and year evenly spin before you.
  • SPINNING, globe spinning when blew or by wind. Quite spinning and smooth levitation in air, almost zero friction force. Even you touch the globe by your finger, it will not fall. From the even spinning get a lot of fun from it.
  • COLORS, black outer frame, 3 colors for globe, black, blue and gold.
  • LIGHTS, there are LED lights built inside of the half oval frame, blue, red, green, and with a random sequence. Light for globe is optional. It's really amazing when it works in the dark.
  • NICE ATMOSPHERE, it’s a good accompany when you work or talk with friends, especially in dark the lights would give you peaceful and romantic feeling that would make you calm and relaxing.
  • AMAZING DECORATION, obviously it’s a wonderful decoration for desktop, it provides a wonderful display effect for your office, desk, home, reading room and stores. Place it in office, home desk, book shelf.
  • WONDERFUL GIFT, It’s a good gift choice that most people would love. A wonderful gift choice for business customers, for boyfriend, parents, children, colleagues, even your boss. Perfect gifts for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentines day gifts or Father's Days.
  • EASY INSTALL, easily hold the globe by 1 hand, turn on the operation, and try to place the globe in the middle of the frame, try to loose your hands, very soon you will get it worked. NOTE : Powerful Magnets! Do not place it close to computer devices, USB key, Media Players and other types of electronic device.



Eco-friendly ABS plastic

frame Dimension

LxWxH (cm): 24.5x5.1x17

globe dimension

3” (diameter 85mm)




8pcs LED lights blue, red, green.



Color blue / black/gold

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