F-PP01 Floating Plant Pot

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A floating pot to hold your favorite plants, make the plants more attractive. You can input artificial plant too. A wonderful decoration for your room.

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  • UNIQUE BEAUTIFULLY DESIGN, levitating pot in the air with your favorite plants. Make you more enjoy the plants. Quite eye catching, guaranteed to draw the attention of anyone. It’s a great decoration for home or for office, make the room with green in an art way. No other decoration could have the same effect as it. Wooden pattern holder and pot, quite match the plant, make people more feel nature.


  • GOOD QUALITY- made of good quality ABS plastic. Endurable for years as long as you keep it, no worry broken like glass or ceramic. And vivid wooden printing, endurable in all kinds of weather situation. The years you keep it, it will remain the clean and nice when you firstly get it. It’s suitable for small plants, succulents, air-plant & bonsai tree, you will daily witness the plants grow strong and healthy while suspended in mid air. Also available for artificial plant as a maintenance free option.


  • CALMING AND RELAXING- Your worries melt away when you look at your favorite plant peacefully smoothly rotate suspended in the air above the magnetic levitation module. You will feel peaceful too and accumulate power to face the affairs before you.


  • A PERFECT GIFT- Levitating planters are a perfect gift for any occasion - Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day Mother's Day, Father's Day, Baby shower, Hanukkiah, Anniversaries, and any other holidays.


  • SILENT AND FUN- The creative design of our floating plant pots are super quiet and will silently levitate the plants of your choosing up to 400 grams. Keep the weight evenly distributed to ensure a smooth rotation.



Eco-friendly ABS plastic



Holder Dimension

LxWxH (cm): 13.4 x 13.4 x 2.9

Pot Dimension

DxH (cm): 9 x 6.5

Whole set Dimension: LxWxH (cm)

17.5 x 17.5 x 12.5cm

Plant Weight capacity


Voltage 12V
Color light / dark wooden pattern

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