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This dog model GPS tracker works for positioning dogs’ location and daily management. It’s a great good helper for keeping dogs. It’s can 5 days long standby, leave you enough time of finding your dogs, it’s based on multi positioning tech GPS+WIFI+LBS that enable precisely locate accuracy of indoor 20m and outside door 200m. And you have set electric fences, once dogs get out of the fences it will alert. If you want to give the dogs freedom, then a GPS tracker is quite necessary that they will not get lost.

If there is WIFI indoors, fix position precisely, don’t need the password and automatically link the nearby WIFI for positioning, in the ourdoors, American GPS is accurately positioned just like mobile phone navigation, if there is no WIFI indoors, automatically switch the base station positioning, the pet will not lost.

Swimming water grade, the dog gets wet in the rain and jumps into the swimming pool with you unconsciously for playing, don’t afraid, water will not go inside. Don’t worry that the tracker is broken when the dog is playing and splashes water or gets wet in the rain.

If you walk the dog at night, don’t worry that you can’t see how far from the dog in the dark. Only use sound and light pet seeking in APP, you can feel where the dog is with light + sound. Large volume speaker, adopt imported five-magnet large volume speaker, your sound still can be clearly heard by the pet in the outdoor noisy condition. A civilized does not need to scream and disturb others, you can send voice through dialing or APP to speak the words to your pet, the device will automatically play the voice for the pet.

Remote voice monitoring, when you want to know the surrounding condition of the dog, send one mobile client instruction, the watch quietly feeds back the surrounding voice condition to you if there is no reaction.

Product Detail

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● Suit for the whole world

● Multi tech positioning: GPS + WIFI + LBS

● Call function, remote dog-calling and civilized pet keeping, don’t need to yell at the dog.

● Sound-light pet finding, walk the dog at night, it is easier to find the position of pet through light and sound.

● Voice monitoring, can listen to the surrounding voice condition of pet in one way

● Remote recording, can record the surrounding voice condition of pet for you. Good function of electricity saving and money-saving, can make the device work using IoT card. 

● Feeding reminder, can cultivate good eating habits of pet.

● Sleep monitoring

● Low battery reminder

● Electronic fence

● Remote cloud recording

● Historical track

● Sports step counting

● Quick charging 

● Key: On-Off Key

● GSM/GPS, MT2503A, noise reduction technology guarantee high definition voice call quality

● Trace history tracking for the past 90 days

● Set electric fences to make sure within the certain area

● Low battery reminder when electric less than 10%

● On-off key, can power off the device without GSM signal, can’t power off the device with GSM signal.

● Remote power-off, can remotely power off the device by APP client

● Operating temperature, -20--50℃

● Phone book, add incoming call numbers of the device, make more numbers directly dial SIM card of the device, listen to the surrounding voice condition of the device.

● Water proof level: IP68 , can swim in the water, don’t need to worry the water problem

● High sensivity active ceramic antenna, large area FPC gold-plating

● Light weight and soft

● Device indicator light while charging for charging identification.

● Remote wireless upgrading

● APP language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Indonesian, Malay, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Greek, Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Filipino, Bulgarian, Finnish


Positioning tech GPS/WIFI/LBS
Positioning accuracy 5-10m
Working temperature -20℃ - +50℃
GPS sensitivity -159DBm
Chip MT2503
Language of the device Chinese and English
APP support system Android 2.3 or above, iOS 5.0 or above
Voltage 5V
SIM card 1 micro SIM
Band GSM, 850 900 1800 1900
Water proof level IP68
Speaker five-magnetic large volume 1609 speaker
Battery capacity 420mAH
Battery charging time ≤1hrs
Battery standby 50hrs based on 1min uploading, 70hrs based on 10mins uploading, 90hrs based on 1hr uploading
Material plastic
Pet belt Nylon tape (leather belt should be customized)
Size LxWxH(mm) 60x45x20
Weight 28g
Color black

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