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This model smart GPS tracker is based on GPS + AGPS position tech, it can super fast and precisely locate the position internationally. It suit for vehicle, elderly, child, dog, luggages etc.. It have geo-fence setting function, will alert while out of the setting area.

It’s with super big battery and could be 4 months’ standby. It’s with super strong waterproof function, can deep into water, so no worry water and rain while applied for vehicle and dogs.

And this model has some advantages, speeding alarm, low power alarm, movement alarm, into/out off Geo-fence alarm, vibration alarm, anti-demolition alarm, anti-collision alarm, save power and GPRS cost. It’s a good helper for anti-losing.

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● Positioning tech: GPS +AGPS, precisely position the location

● Suit for vehicle, luggages, child, elderly, dog, cattle, sheep etc. 

● Free installation

● Real-time tracking

● AGPS function,receive GPS signals faster

● AGPS accurate positioning 

● Geo- fence setting, alert while out of the area

● Four kinds’ works model 

● SOS alarm

● Speeding alarm

● Low power alarm

● Movement alarm

● Vibration alarm

● Anti-demolition alarm

● Anti-collision alarm

● App set

● Built-in storage memory, blind area data upload

● Waterproof and dustproof

● Strong magnetic

● APP GPRS set commands, no need to remember the SIM card in the device, no need to send SMS setting.

● There is smart mode, low power consumption, save power and GPRS cost


Positioning tech  GPS/AGPS
SIM card  1 micro SIM
Battery capacity  6400mAH
Standby time  4 months
Material  plastic
Size LxWxH(mm) 74*43*31

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