GPS Tracker / Vehicle / GT-V03

Short Description:

This model smart GPS tracker is especially for vehicles with OBD interface, it’s supported by GPS + AGPS position tech, it can super fast and precisely locate the position internationally. It have geo-fence setting function, will alert while out of the setting area. A great helper of taking care of vehicles.

And this model has some advantages, speeding alarm, movement alarm, into/out off Geo-fence alarm, vibration alarm, anti-demolition alarm, anti-collision alarm, save power and GPRS cost.

Product Detail

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● Positioning tech: GPS +AGPS, precisely position the location

● Suit for vehicles with OBD interface

● Free installation

● Real-time tracking

● AGPS function,receive GPS signals faster

● AGPS accurate positioning 

● Geo- fence setting, alert while out of the area

● Speeding alarm

● Movement alarm

● Vibration alarm

● Anti-demolition alarm

● Anti-collision alarm

● App set

● Built-in storage memory, blind area data upload

● There is smart mode, low power consumption, save power and GPRS cost


Positioning tech GPS/AGPS
GPS accuracy 5m
SIM card 1 micro SIM
Chip MT6261D / Ublox7020
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
Working temperature -20℃--+55℃
Band GSM, 850 900 1800 1900
Battery capacity 200mAH
Material plastic
Size LxWxH(mm) 74*50*25
Weight 40g
Colors black, blue

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