GPS Tracker

GPS, global positioning system, benefit daily life quite a lot. Your beloved ones and your belongs will not lost by the GPS trackers. A GPS tracking unit is a navigation device generally on a person, animal, vehicle or goods that can be positioned location or movement.

The GPS trackers are the easiest and most innovative solution to secure all your beloved ones and belongings, the elderly, the child, dogs, vehicles, luggage, bags etc.. The tracking is based on  positioning tech GPS+AGPS + WIFI+LBS that can precisely locate the position at the accuracy of 5-10m. The appliance will linked with your phone APP, that you can real-time position their locations. Trace history tracking can be back to the past 1 month. You can set electric-fence, once the tracker get out the set fence, the APP will alert to remind you the potential danger.

For the elderly, the GPS trackers have health monitoring functions, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, body temperature monitoring, sleeping monitoring, also SOS one key for help and APP secretly long distance monitors the surrounding without bother call. The elderly is fully monitored and taken care by the small tracker.

For child, the tracker provides voice message chat within the APP linked group, and HD video call / phone call with the recorded safe list, block bother from outside numbers calling, avoid some danger from unknown people.

For dogs, the trackers can deliver master’s orders and conversation just like the master is nearby; if walk the dog at night, the tracker can light and sound for master to find them; if the dog is not nearby, the master can listen to the surrounding voice condition of pet.

All of the advantages make the GPS trackers not only trackers, but much bigger helpers of family life. 

Post time: Jul-26-2021