New item air purifier/sterilizer

Since COVID-19 was initially detected by the end of 2019, it spread to the whole world, and become more and more severe, caused astonishing influence, panic, death, empty streets, quite festival, closed company, closed school, closed countries. The whole world is fighting for the virus, but until now it doesn’t stop, and our vaccine can’t follow up with the virus’ changing. We pray the virus could vanish or become moderate. At such moments, again we realize health valuable, and body immunity important. There are people get in touch of people infected COVID-19 but still remain uninfected. That’s a reminding that we should enhance our immune ability. What we can do is to strength ourselves and keep safe environment, clean the air.

Land Brown began item of air purifier especially focus on STERILIZATION function. Air purifier could 99.9% effectively remove PM2.5 / dusk / pollen / smoke / formaldehyde / benzene / VOCs / bad odors from air, with sterilization function it can elsewise effectively remove bacterial and germs. Such item clean our living environment and guard for health. At the most purify air and  enhance body immune situation to be against the threaten from COVID-19.

We carefully studies all functions of air purifier, HEPA filter, active carbon, Ozone, UVC sterilization, negative ion purifying. All of the models really works for air purifying and sterilization. We expect all people stay safe from Covid- 19, we’re willing to build a bridge of deliver the possibility of health.

Air purifier and air sterilizer might will long term stay with people as we need them to always keep us safe from covid-19 and other bacterial that might comes! Land Brown will strictly guarantee the quality and efficiency of air purifier / sterilizer. 

Post time: Jul-13-2021