Plant Grow Light / PGL02

Short Description:

This model was designed for the ones that want to especially taking care of her plants or make child observe plants growing. Three nice colors for choice, also assisting reading in dark with the lights head 360 degrees angle.

Product Detail

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● Full spectrum, imitate sunlight, even & focused illumination.

● Design especially for plant photosynthesis, effectively make plant healthily grow. 

● High color rendering index, show real colors.  

● Suit for both water and soil.

● Self-help water providing.

● Assist reading and working in dark.   

● No flicker, care for eyes.

● Light head 360 degrees available.

● USB line 105cm available for morel power sources.

● Three modes for different light colors and different level’ brightness.

● Green furnishing. 


Voltage DC5V / 1A
Rated power 7w
Material plastic
CRI ≥85
Lifetime ≥35000hrs
Dimension DxH (mm) 115x320
Weight 235g
Color pink blue white

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