Plant Grow Light / PGL05

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Soilless grow lights, no season limitation or weather limitation. You can have your garden indoor, for fresh salad vegetables, for flowers or for plants you like. It’s with auto lights / auto pump / water volume alarm / nutrient volume alarm for your easing planting and with lifetime 50,000hrs.

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● Full spectrum, imitate sunlight, even & focused illumination.

● Chips especially for plant photosynthesis, effectively make plant healthy grow. 

● Eco friendly and green planting, non-toxic and no soil

● Can grow 7 plants ( herbs/vegetables/salad greens/flowers)

● Grow lights mode for vegetable / flowers, lights auto circle 16hrs on / 8hrs off

● Pump auto circle every 30 mins on and off.

● No flicker, care for eyes.  

● Water volume indicator

● 46.5cm adjustable lamp arm to fit different plants’ height.  

● Water volume indicator alarm.Nutrient volume indicator alarm.Magnetic suction design between the lamp arm and the water tank


Input voltage 100V-240V/50-60HZ
Output voltage 24V
Rated power 24 w
Material ABS+Aluminium
CRI ≥95
Lifetime 50000 hours
Accessories 7pcs round shape grows baskets, 7pcs round shape grow sponges, 7pcs round shape domes, 1 set of plant food, 1pc of the adapter.
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 390x180x200(lowest)/465(Highest)
Weight 1.206kg
Water tank capacity 4L
Color white, black

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