Plant Grow Light / PGL06

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A glance at it, it’s a nice decoration for your kitchen or living room. It functions to help you to grow your vegetables / flowers / plants healthily with lifetime 50,000hrs. Assisting your reading in dark with your favorite greens beside you. Place it anywhere you like, it’s with full spectrum imitation sunshine.

It’s a unique home garden lighting solution. The LED grow lights simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting plants photosynthesis in any weather. The warm natural light is more suitable for indoor plant and quite enjoying. It’s hydrogen water growing system, cleaner than growing in soil. It’s designed with a water circulation system, increasing the oxygen in water. More nutrient than in soil, and grow faster. It’s total over the weather all year round, and your plants can grow better and faster. It can be an educational gift for children, helping them to observe the process of growth. Parents and grandparents will also love year-round fresh veggies.

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● Full spectrum, imitate sunlight, even & focused illumination.

● Design especially for plant photosynthesis, effectively make plant healthy grow. 

● Suit for water plant, not soil.

● The flowerpot can automatically adjust the fill light intensity according to the ambient light that can ensure the plant could have enough light and rest time. Light auto 16hrs on / 8hrs off.  

● Assisting reading in dark with 5 levels brightness, light head available for 360 degrees angle.

● While reading light works the plant growth light will be off automatically.  

● No flicker, care for eyes.  

● Simple planting. High color rendering index, show real colors. Green furnishing. It will alarm flash when the water volume under the lowest scale. 


Input voltage AC 100-240V
Output voltage DC 16V 1A
Rated power 8.5w
Material Eco-friendly plastic
Water tank capacity 1.5L
CRI 85
Lifetime 50000hrs
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 257x111x108
Weight 1.03kg
Color White and blue

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