Plant Grow Light / PGL07

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The simple modern design make it available anywhere to place. Its easy to work with, auto lights, auto pump, different time settings for your choice. You can fully enjoy the pleasure of plants nurturance. 

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● Full spectrum, imitate sunlight, even & focused illumination.

● Chips especially for plant photosynthesis, effectively make plant healthy grow.

● Self-water garden, ideal for indoor use, either for kitchen, window or living room, anywhere you like.

● Perfect for basil, thyme, sage, parsley, cilantro, cherry tomatos, rosemary, peppers, flowers and even strawberry.

● Can grow 4 plants ( herbs/vegetables/salad greens/flowers)

● Suit for water, not for soil.

● Adjust different light height to suit different plants and different height period. 

● Power button: press on the button to start grow light work, if put off the button, it will auto open again after 10hrs.

● Special lights design for seeding period nurturance, lights always on.  

● 8hrs / 16hrs / 23hrs grow lights on and rest hrs lights off modes choice, auto circle.

● Pump function: Pump auto work 30mins on / 30 mins off.

● No flicker, care for eyes. 

● Green furnishing.

● Water volume indicator


Input voltage 100V-240V
Output voltage 12V 1.5A
Rated power 15W
Material food grade plastic
Accessories 4 sets grow baskets / pots.
Water tank capacity 1.8L
CRI 85
Lifetime 50000hrs
Dimension LxWxH (mm)  100x190x440
Weight 0.8kg
Color black

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