Plant Grow Light / PGL09

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With this large model you can grow 14 plants. Three different plant planting modes, auto pump, large water tank, full spectrum, adjustable lights height, fully taking care of your plants. And you have more color choice for your tastes. Its a good choice for indoor hydroponic garden.  

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● Full spectrum, imitate sunlight, even & focused illumination.

● Designed especially for plant photosynthesis, effectively make plant healthy grow. 

● Can grow 14 plants ( herbs / vegetables / salad greens / flowers)

● Three mode of planting: vegetables, flower&fruits, Herbs

● For mode of vegetable and flower&fruit, auto 16hrs lights on / 8 hrs off circle.

● For mode of herbs, auto 17hrs lights on / 7 hrs off circle.

● Pump work every 20 minutes on / off circle.

● Eco friendly and green planting, non-toxic and no soil

● Start power the machine will go into vegetable mode automatically.

● Water volume indicator 


Input voltage 100v-240v, 50/60Hz
Output voltage 24V
Rated power 50w
Material ABS + Aluminum
Accessories adapter 1pc, grow sponges 14pcs, basket 14pcs, grow dome 14pcs
Lifetime 25000hrs
Dimension LxWxH (mm)  400 x 230 x 330 (lowest) / 600 (highest)
Weight 2.2kg
Color black white pink red green
Water tank capacity 5.5L

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