Plant Grow Lights

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL01

    Plant Grow Light / PGL01

    The simple graceful designed plant grow lights will special take care of your beloved plants, with the grow lights above and holder below to hold. It also frame your greens into a nice picture that you can better enjoy them. You can place it anywhere you like, that’s the points of the grow lights help.

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL02

    Plant Grow Light / PGL02

    This model was designed for the ones that want to especially taking care of her plants or make child observe plants growing. Three nice colors for choice, also assisting reading in dark with the lights head 360 degrees angle.

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL03

    Plant Grow Light / PGL03

    With the natural bamboo holder design this model appears simple and elegant. Full spectrum ensure your plant could grow healthily like grow under the sun and your favorite plants could be always beside you day and night indoor. And this model you can not only apply for plants, also you can make for your fishes, it could be a wonderful decoration.

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL04

    Plant Grow Light / PGL04

    You will love this model plant grow lights, it’s simple nice design and with multi function, lanyard music player, ions releasing air purifier and humidifier. It’s a good choice for your plants and home decoration.

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL05

    Plant Grow Light / PGL05

    Soilless grow lights, no season limitation or weather limitation. You can have your garden indoor, for fresh salad vegetables, for flowers or for plants you like. It’s with auto lights / auto pump / water volume alarm / nutrient volume alarm for your easing planting and with lifetime 50,000hrs.

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL06

    Plant Grow Light / PGL06

    A glance at it, it’s a nice decoration for your kitchen or living room. It functions to help you to grow your vegetables / flowers / plants healthily with lifetime 50,000hrs. Assisting your reading in dark with your favorite greens beside you. Place it anywhere you like, it’s with full spectrum imitation sunshine.

    It’s a unique home garden lighting solution. The LED grow lights simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting plants photosynthesis in any weather. The warm natural light is more suitable for indoor plant and quite enjoying. It’s hydrogen water growing system, cleaner than growing in soil. It’s designed with a water circulation system, increasing the oxygen in water. More nutrient than in soil, and grow faster. It’s total over the weather all year round, and your plants can grow better and faster. It can be an educational gift for children, helping them to observe the process of growth. Parents and grandparents will also love year-round fresh veggies.

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL07

    Plant Grow Light / PGL07

    The simple modern design make it available anywhere to place. Its easy to work with, auto lights, auto pump, different time settings for your choice. You can fully enjoy the pleasure of plants nurturance. 

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL08

    Plant Grow Light / PGL08

    This model you can grow 12 plants, its with auto lights on off / auto pump work / intelligent fan for your easy planting. You can adjust the height to fit different plants and plants’ different period. And with its simple clean nice design you will enjoy the planing of any plants, basil, thyme, sage, parsley, cilantro, cherry tomatos, rosemary, peppers, flowers and even strawberry etc.. 

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL09

    Plant Grow Light / PGL09

    With this large model you can grow 14 plants. Three different plant planting modes, auto pump, large water tank, full spectrum, adjustable lights height, fully taking care of your plants. And you have more color choice for your tastes. Its a good choice for indoor hydroponic garden.  

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL10

    Plant Grow Light / PGL10

    The simple clean designed plant grow lights fit for 1 plant, both soil and hydroponic. Auto lights on off for your plant grow. Plant your beloved plant into it and place it anywhere you like. The light can assist reading in dark, you can better enjoy the reading with your beloved plant beside you.  

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL11

    Plant Grow Light / PGL11

    This model you can grow 4 plants. Full spectrum and 3 modes specifically take care of your plants and make you enjoy the planing. Auto lights on off / auto pump / adjustable lights height / water volume alarm helps easy planting.

  • Plant Grow Light / PGL12

    Plant Grow Light / PGL12

    This simple nice designed plant grow lights is available for 7 plants, flowers, vegetables or other plants you like. With the nice design you can place your flowers anywhere for decoration too. Full spectrum / 3 modes for growing / auto lights on off / auto pump / adjustable lights height / water alarm, the easy planting would be enjoyable.

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