VK-K01 Vehicle Electric Kettle

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The nice design 800ml vehicle use kettle is available for both 12V car and 24V bus / truck. It can boiled the water to 100in 20mins. It solves the problem of drinking hot water in the driving journey. Food grade safe material, quick heating, anti-spilling, it works a lot goodness for you and make you no any worries. It’s practical appliance for driving journey.

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  • PREMIUM and SAFE MATERIAL, the vehicle electric heating kettle is made of food grade 304 stainless steel and food grade PP material, sealed kettle cover made by high quality food grade silicon gel, the kettle is fully safe for the boiled water, you can be assured for your safety.
  • PERFORMANCE, it boils the water to 100℃, 12V car in 38 mins, and 24V bus/truck in 20mins.
  • WORKING MODES, Auto mode that the kettle will auto stop while the temperature reach 100 ℃, and auto work again while the temperature lower than 80℃. Another modes to keep the water always boiling.
  • POWER CONNECTION: power connected by the cigarette lighter or by the battery.
  • Prevent dry burning
  • Vacuum Insulated & Double Layer, double layer vacuum insulated for maximum keep hot drinks, good insulation effect, safe touch.
  • ANTI-LEAKAGE, sealed kettle ring made by high quality silicon gel, strong sealing performance to keep water warm, and stop water spilling over and leakage
  • Pressure relief holes are installed on the lid.
  • GRACEFUL and PRACTICAL DESIGN, the design is simple but quite graceful, with the bright orange and yellow colors it’s more beautiful as an art display. Even from the simple handle you can sense its graceful, and the handle is anti-slippy. The pouring mouth is especially designed anti-spilling, and the lid operate in a simple and easy way.
  • VOLTAGE, it works for both 12V car and 24V bus / truck, it will identity by itself and no bother you to switch. It works for all kinds of vehicles, fully service you for all times.
  • APPLICATION, it not only works for heating water, but also for boiling eggs, porridge and noddle etc.


Material: inner food grade 304 stainless steel / outside 201 stainless steel, food grade PP plastic
Voltage: 12V / 24V, auto recognition
Volume: 800ml
Boiled to temperature: 100℃
Rated power: 96W / 200W
Heating time: 12V 38mins / 24V 20mins
Dimension: DxH (cm): 10x27
Weight: 880g
Color: yellow / orange

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