VR03 Vehicle Refrigerator 8L

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The vehicle refrigerators keep cooling or keep both cooling and warm are quite helpful in your travel journey. In your long tired journey they supply beverage or food at the temperature you like, give you energy and comfortableness. Just insert the cigarette lighter socket and enjoy what it will bring to you.

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  • COOLING PERFORMANCE, good cooling performance and efficiency, could be 20-22℃ lower than enviromental temperature. Internal construction is designed to against shock resistance. The fridge can maintain balance work at a 40° tilt angle. And maintain excellent performance even on bumpy roads, suitable for off-road vehicles, and long-distance travel.
  • KEEP COOLING and FRESH, reliable sealing property construction, thick and high density foam insulation. Long time lasting cooling performance during your journey. Fresh all the way and super energy saving!
  • HOT TEMPERATURE ABILITY, warm ability high to 60℃, in cold winter to warm your favorite drinks or the food you take.
  • MATERIAL, food grade plastic frame, light weight but durable, it’s enable you to easily transport to anywhere. The thickness of the cabinet is designed twice thicker than common.
  • FREE from ICE, excellent cooling performance and perfectly freeze food and things on your driving road. You can fully use it as a fridge or a freezer. Save your time and money from buying ice.
  • QUIETNESS, quiet running that will not disturb your driving or rest.


Capacity 8L
Cold temperature 20-22℃ lower than enviromental temperature
Hot temperature 60℃
Material Eco friendly PP plastic
Rated power  45-60W
Voltage 12V
Inner Dimension LxWxH (mm): 255x155x150
Outer Dimension LxWxH (mm): 320x210x270
Weight 3kg
Cable 1.6m

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