• Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S01

    Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S01

    This portable air purifier combines strong air purifying function and sterilizer function. With build-in UVC lamp beads, it can effectively kill bacterial and germs. And with its super high level purification stages, perfectly all aspects protect you from harmful matters, gas and bacterial. Make you safe from PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke, bacterial, germs, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs and bad odors etc.


    As a portable purifier with battery that can last 5hrs-8hrs, it’s convenient for you take anywhere. Take it with you, you will be protect at all times.

  • Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S02

    Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S02

    Multi-functional combination, UVC sterilizer, negative ion purification, and HEPA purification, more than 99% effectively remove the harmful matters. This stylish air purifier sterilizer all aspects protect your health.

    You can customized it with battery build-in, portable for anywhere you want, for a picnic, in your car, on your desktop or by your bedside. Protect you for all of the times. It has aromatherapy function too, make the fragrance you like, more enjoy life.

  • Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S03

    Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S03

    This model purifier works with UVA / UVC double sterilization function to guarantee effectively killing bacterial and germs. And with high concentration negative ion releasing to kill harmful matters. The purifier secures a safe environment for you.


    The simple design and rubber hand feeling give luxury experience. With 4 hrs lasting battery it’s potable to take to anywhere you need it.

  • Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S04

    Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S04

    The simple designed air purifier is stored with high effeciency H13 HEPA to filter the harmful matters in the air. It’s also a powerful sterilizer by both UVA/UVC lamps strong work to kill bacterial and germs. You’re safe under its protection.

    The stylish design is also a nice decoration. You can place it anywhere you need it.

  • Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S05

    Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S05

    This stylish air purifier build in UV lamp beads, 99.9% effectively kill bacterial and germs. Science has shown that ultraviolet wavelengths can easily destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in bacterial viruses, causing growth cell death and regenerative cell death, to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

    It’s also equipped with high energy negative ion generator, every time you breathe, you’ll feel as if in the forest.

    Compact design does not take up space, it runs silently after one -key operation, efficiently kill bacteria and dust particles in the air. Whole car purification gives you a safe and healthy driving environment, let you enjoy a healthy journey. 

  • Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S06

    Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S06

    This simple designed air purifier combines sterilization function and air purification function, and with the stylish appearance it’s a good choice for air purifier.

    Its professional UV disinfection works with 3 UV lamps full photolysis, pass the outside air to the UV treatment room after purification, then release 250-270 wavelength ultraviolet rays, destroying the remaining in the air. The molecular structure of DNA and RNA in germs achieves the disinfection effect. 99.9% efficiency kill bacterial and germs.

    Negative ion release, give the air full of vitamins. Negative ions are called vitamins in the air, which can reduce dust and taste, improve air comfort and create the breath of the forest after rain. Surrounding air intake design, fast delivery of clean air to cover the whole house. 

    Portable battery and handle for you to take to anywhere you need it, and charming soft night lights for your nights. It’s a nice choice for air purifier.

  • Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S07

    Air Purifier / Sterilizer / AP-S07

    The portable air Purifier is modern designed, and size as a water bottle. It’s quite convenient for you to take to anywhere you need it. It is equipped with H13 Hepa filter that can the highest level purify the harmful matters in the air, remove 99.9% harmful particles like PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke. It’s not only a purifier, but also a sterilizer, it’s equipped with UVC/UVA LED lights that can 99.9% effectively destroy bacterial and germs with the lights wavelength. It’s quite useful and helpful especially at covid-19 period, it can protect you from some potential threaten and harm, and make you best immune body condition.

    The air purifier works for room 10m³- 15m³, its unique air technology creates a stronger air flow and cleans the air in 10 minutes. You can expect its long time protection with lifetime of UVC/UVA LED lights 10000 hrs. With it you can purify your personal spaces like car, bedroom and office. It makes you feel safer in your personal space and maximumly helps you to protect your family.

    The purifier is functioned aroma fragrance too, you can decide the flavor you like. It’s also with soft blue lights to say it’s protecting you. At night, in a car or in bedroom, it creates quite romantic atmosphere, make your night driving not boring and anxious, but an enjoying. In bedroom, it’s not only purify your room but also eases your nerves, relaxes your spirit, and make you a sweet sleep. It’s truely a helpful appliance in daily life.